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Utility patents play a crucial role in protecting innovations and promoting technological advancements. Michael Meyer offers expert utility patent attorney services, guiding inventors through the complexities of the patent process. Explore how our services can help secure your inventions.


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What is a Utility Patent?

A utility patent, often referred to as a ”patent for invention”, grants inventors exclusive rights to new and useful processes, machines, manufactures, or compositions of matter. 

This type of patent protects the functional aspects of an invention, distinguishing it from design patents that cover ornamental designs and plant patents for new plant varieties. 

The primary purpose of a utility patent is to prevent others from making, using, selling, or importing the patented invention without the inventor’s permission for a limited period, typically 20 years from the filing date.

Examples include certain kinds of software algorithms, medical devices, and manufacturing methods. Utility patents are essential for safeguarding the practical implementation of your ideas.

Why You Need a Utility Patent Attorney

Navigating the utility patent application process can be complex and time-consuming. 

A knowledgeable attorney like Michael Meyer ensures that your application meets all legal requirements and increases your chances of approval. Professional guidance helps avoid common pitfalls, saving time and resources. 

Michael Meyer’s expertise in intellectual property law ensures comprehensive protection for your inventions, from initial filing to enforcement.

Benefits of Working with Michael Meyer:

Design patents are vital for several reasons:

  • Expert Advice: In-depth knowledge of patent law and industry-specific insights.
  • Comprehensive Support: Assistance with documentation, patent searches, and application preparation.
  • Strategic Planning: Developing robust patent strategies to maximize protection and commercial value.


The cost varies depending on the complexity of the invention and legal fees. On average, expect to spend between $5,000 to $15,000.

It typically takes 1-3 years, depending on the USPTO’s workload and the complexity of the application.

While it’s possible, working with a professional attorney like Michael Meyer significantly increases your chances of approval and ensures that all legal requirements are met.

The Utility Patent Application Process

Securing a utility patent involves several key steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: Discuss your invention with Michael Meyer to evaluate its patentability.
  2. Invention Documentation: Clearly define and document your invention with detailed descriptions and drawings.
  3. Patent Search: Conduct a thorough search to ensure the invention is novel and non-obvious.
  4. Filing the Application: Prepare and submit the patent application to the USPTO, including all required documentation and claims.
  5. Patent Examination: The USPTO examiner reviews the application, which may involve multiple communications to address any issues.
  6. Patent Grant: If approved, the patent is granted, providing exclusive rights for up to 20 years.

Our law office supports you at each stage, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process.

We are here to help you.  Please contact Michael Meyer Law and start protecting your invention today.

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Limitations of Utility Patents

Utility patents offer substantial benefits, but they also come with challenges:

  • Cost: Obtaining a patent can be expensive due to filing fees, attorney fees, and maintenance costs.
  • Time: The application process can take several years, requiring patience and strategic planning.
  • Enforcement: Patent holders must monitor for infringements and be prepared for potential litigation.

Strategies to Overcome Limitations:

  • Budget Planning: Allocate sufficient resources for patent application and maintenance.
  • Timely Filing: Start the application process early to mitigate delays.
  • Legal Support: Work with an experienced attorney to handle enforcement and litigation.

Working directly with you to simplify your design patent application process from start to finish.

We help you explored all viable IP protection options, no mater how simple or complex.

We provide you with a strategy that provides the most comprehensive protection for your IP.

Protect the Functional Aspects of Your Invention

Utility patents safeguard the functional features of your inventions, preventing unauthorized copying and use. By securing a utility patent, you gain exclusive rights to your invention’s practical applications, enhancing its commercial value and market potential. Keywords like “functional features,” “exclusive rights,” and “patent infringement” are critical in understanding the importance of these patents.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Michael Meyer has successfully helped numerous clients obtain utility patents.  Whether it’s an independent inventor securing a mechanical device or a client in the tech industry patenting software, the Law Office of Michael Meyer will help you secure a patent.


Securing a utility patent is a vital step in protecting the functional aspects of your inventions, ensuring you maintain exclusive rights to their practical applications.

Michael Meyer offers expert guidance through every stage of the patent process, from initial consultation to enforcement, helping you navigate the complexities and avoid common pitfalls.

With professional support, strategic planning, and comprehensive legal expertise, Michael Meyer’s services are designed to maximize the protection and commercial value of your innovations.

Trust in the expertise of the Law Office of Michael Meyer to safeguard your creative ideas and advance your technological contributions.

We are here to help you.  Please contact Michael Meyer Law and start protecting your invention today.